Grizzly bear shot dead in eastern Idaho

The grizzly bear was shot at close range as it attacked a woman who was standing in the driveway of her home with her boyfriend.

ISLAND PARK, Idaho — A man from Island Park Skilled a grizzly bear on Thursday after it attacked his girlfriend in the driveway of their home near Last Chance, according to Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG).

IDFG said the man and his girlfriend got out of their vehicle to go into their home on June 6 when the 1-year-old grizzly attacked the woman.

According to the report, the man was retrieving items from his vehicle, including his shotgun, when the incident occurred, allowing him to quickly grab the weapon and shoot the approaching bear, causing it to run away.

Later, Idaho Fish and Game officials received a call about a dead bear on a nearby road and determined it was the same bear involved in the attack.

IDFG determined that the homeowner was acting “out of protection of life” during the encounter. The agency reminds the public that grizzly bears are protected by state and federal law and that the animals live in and around the greater Yellowstone and northern Idaho areas.

Idaho Fish and Game has issued the following advice for anyone living in or visiting bear areas:

  • Dispose of attractants properly, including in the trash and compost.
  • Store food, garbage, beehives, spilled grains, scented products and other attractants safely in a bear-proof location.
  • Store pet food safely, just like your own. Bears love pet food as much as your pet.
  • Many attractants can be housed in buildings with solid walls, a roof and a lockable door.
  • Only fill birdhouses in winter.
  • Do not bury or throw garbage in the surrounding forests.
  • Be sure to clean your grills and store them indoors if possible.

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