Thomas the Tank Engine-Themed Train Coming to Downtown Buffalo

A new collaboration between Explore and More and the NFTA celebrates Thomas and Friends.

BUFFALO, NY — It’s a new collaboration between Explore and More and the NFTA that celebrates all things Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. It is designed to encourage families to take the train and get off at the new Canalside station.

“As a new dad, I didn’t know the power of Thomas, but it’s nice to see everyone come out and really enjoy it,” said William Edwards, who brought his daughter Poppy for the inaugural ride.

“Poppy’s mum and I come to Canalside all the time so it’s great,” he said. “I’m also on the board of directors for the children’s museum, so it’s great to see something that’s going to help include the museum and really encourage families to enjoy Canalside, and Poppy loved it.”

“It happened organically, just having a few conversations and saying hello building at Canalside, what’s another fun way to bring families here and that’s really how it is happened,” said Michelle Urbanczyk, president and CEO of Explore and More.

Fisher-Price designed the wrap on the outside of the train, and it will soon be decorated on the inside as well.

“We’ve wrapped six cars, we have 27 cars total. The train comes every 20 minutes. It will come out every day, several times a day, but you’ll just have to go out and wait for Thomas,” Kim Minkel, executive director of the NFTA, said. “That’ll be part of the fun, won’t it?”

The train is free above ground from Fountain Plaza to Canalside.