Atlanta Plan A: Community feedback shapes the city’s future

It’s true, you can believe it, the City of Atlanta is listening to you in the form of Plan A and all you have to do is speak up!

Plan A builds on the work of Mayor Maynard Jackson 50 years ago. Plan A collects community feedback that will directly inform decisions and policies for updating the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan. Based on this, Zoning 2.0 will evolve and replace the city’s very old zoning ordinances.

By engaging in the process, you and I will create opportunities and build community. Our own voices will inform the plans for our own future. The Department of City Planning is asking us to tell them now what we want and need. You have informed opinions, you have a voice and Plan A is for you!

Under Commissioner Prince’s leadership, the Department of City Planning is well on its way to meeting people face-to-face in every community, listening to them, taking notes, and listening some more. In March, the Department of City Planning hosted a public engagement day at City Hall that introduced attendees to the real people doing the real work of serving our entire community. It was striking to see how many people contribute to the smooth running of our city, hiccups and all. The energy, enthusiasm and dedication are impressive. I wish you were here.