Bay Area political couple killed in head-on crash near Fallbrook – NBC 7 San Diego

Two prominent Bay Area politicians were killed in a fatal head-on crash near Fallbrook on Friday evening. Friends say Hope Wood and Peggy Moore left this life as they lived it.

“These were two almost twin flames who couldn’t bear to be apart in this life or the other, and they just had to be together when they left,” Kimberly Ellis said.

Wood and Moore were celebrated during a vigil on Sunday.

According to the San Diego County Coroner’s Office, Wood was killed in a three-car crash Friday night on Highway 76 near Horse Ranch Creek Road. Friends say her wife, Moore, was with her.

According to the CHP, a car crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into the Jeep in which they were passengers.

Two vehicles collided head-on on State Route 76, killing at least four people, NBC 7’s Adonis Albright reports.

“It is an incredible loss, not only in the professional political world, but also in our personal world,” Ellis said.

Ellis called Moore a “giant” in political circles and said she helped people like former President Barack Obama.

“She was the one who helped him win Golden State. She helped with Hilary Clinton’s first campaign. “Any campaign that really needed to have a top-notch organizing strategy went to Peggy,” Ellis said.

Brendalynn Goodall knows this all too well after Moore, as her campaign manager, helped her win a seat on the Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee.

“She was a visionary and an organizer. I mean, I just miss the love, miss her smile, miss the joy,” Goodall said.

Moore and Wood’s political prowess was also recognized in a speech by U.S. Representative Barbara Lee Social media post. Lee noted that their passion and fight for social justice brought Moore and Wood together and that their influence would be felt for generations to come.

“There’s the phrase ‘the life of the party.’ But Peggy and Hope weren’t just life. They were the party. “It was a party full of community, inclusivity and love,” the couple’s friend Jeff Harry said in an Instagram post.

That love is now reciprocated as friends mourn her loss and celebrate her life.

The man driving Moore and Wood also died in the crash, as did the person driving the car that hit them head-on, CHP said.