SFA employee suspended for assaulting female employee

Hyderabad: SFA employee Kishan from Suraram in Gajularamaram district is said to have been harassing a female employee under his supervision for the past few days. The videos have now been circulated online. A complaint was filed against him a week ago, following which BC Malla Reddy suspended him and investigated the matter.

The department officials called for the defendant to be permanently suspended as this incident was not an isolated incident. Similar incidents like this have been reported before. However, after the video went viral, the victim did not want to face the media and said anonymously: “We have families and children. Incidents like this will shake up our lives.” He used to force all female employees to do this.

Reacting to the incident, AMHO Chandrasekhar said, “An investigation is underway. The accused, Kishan, who works as an outsourced ASF in Shapur Nagar area under Sri Durga Bhavani Agency, stressed that such misconduct and sexual harassment of women will not be tolerated. We will take appropriate action against him,” he said.

“Kishan himself took the video as evidence to threaten the victims and repeatedly ask for sexual favors. When a woman entered the office, he kept his phone ready to record her clearly. All the cases of sexual abuse took place in the office,” said an inside source.