Vigil in memory of Las Vegas man shot in neighborhood dispute

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A week after police said a Las Vegas man was shot and killed by his neighbor, friends and family gathered at the scene of his death to remember him.

Loved ones gathered in a neighborhood near Lake Mead Boulevard and 215 Wednesday night to honor Joe “JR” Moreno.

Candles and flowers were placed at the spot where police say the 47-year-old was shot last week.

His neighbor, 32-year-old Eddi Moreno, who is not related to JR, is accused of murdering him in his driveway.

Police records indicate that JR Moreno behaved “erratically” prior to the confrontation with Eddi Moreno on Monday, May 13th.

8 News Now has learned that Eddi also faced three separate battery charges in 2024: one in April where he was accused of attacking a landscaper in his neighborhood, and two more for allegedly assaulting one during a children’s soccer game in January man had beaten.

JR’s mother and sister, Conni and Lisa Moreno, and everyone else who loved him said he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

They told 8 News Now that JR was suffering from a manic episode at the time of the shooting, but they don’t believe things were supposed to end that way.

A week after police said a Las Vegas man was shot and killed by his neighbor, friends and family gathered at the site of his death to remember him. (KLAS)

“He suffered from mental illness,” said Cody Kolold, JR’s childhood best friend. “That’s not normal.”

Many spoke specifically about his relationship with his two children.

“He will never see his daughters again,” said Lisa Moreno. “Just as they will never see their father again.”

Others, including his ex-girlfriend Salena Fulford, remembered what he brought to the world.

“He could make people laugh,” Fulford said. “That’s what I loved about him.”

Although there is a long road of sadness and heartache ahead for everyone who attended Wednesday night’s event, they said they wanted to focus on the good times they had with JR.

“He was the best man in the world,” Konold said. “JR was a believer, he believed in what was right.”

They said they knew JR would always live with them.

“He will remain in people’s hearts forever,” concluded Fulford.

Eddi Moreno now faces an open murder charge. His friends told 8 News Now they were able to raise money for his bail last week.

If you would like to help JR’s family with funeral expenses, click HERE.