Man arrested for rape: Man arrested for raping and stalking a college student | News from Bhopal

Bhopal: Ayodhya Nagar police have arrested a 32-year-old man for raping and stalking a 21-year-old woman. Police said that the survivor is a college student. She stated in her complaint that the accused, who lives in her neighbourhood, befriended her about five years ago and took her on outings during which he raped her. About two years ago, the accused married another woman after which the survivor distanced herself from him. However, after a few days of marriage, the accused again started pressuring her to have physical intercourse with him. When she refused, the accused started stalking her and pressurised her to have physical intercourse with him. He forcibly took her away and raped her. He threatened her that he would post her intimate photos and videos on social media platforms if she refused to meet him. The accused also went to her college and assaulted her in front of her friends when she refused to go with him. Fed up of his harassment, the survivor narrated the incident to her parents and reported the matter to Ayodhya Nagar police. The police have registered a case.

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