The Gathering Ending Explained | Who attacked Kelly?

However, the finale reveals everything as Kelly’s attacker is finally exposed and the fate of the remaining main characters becomes clear. But how did it end and who was responsible for Kelly’s attack?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the ending to Channel 4 thriller The Gathering.


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Who attacked Kelly?

Eva Morgan as Kelly in The Gathering sat on steps and looked into the camera

Eva Morgan as Kelly in The Gathering James Stack / Channel 4 / World Productions

It turns out that Kelly was attacked by Adam’s half-brother Josh. In keeping with the incel subculture, he had struggled to find a girlfriend and had therefore turned against women, particularly Jessica, of whom he had seen explicit footage after she sent it to Adam.

He was the one who spiked Jessica’s drink. It was unclear whether he had sexually abused her – he denied this, but this certainly seemed to be his intention and Jessica’s hazy memory suggested as much.

Jessica realized this at the illegal rave after he approached her and called her a “slut” while also bragging about seducing roofer girls with his friends.

He punched her and threw her to the ground, but Kelly saw it and yelled at him to stop. When he realized this, he rushed over to her and pushed her into the water, where he held her for quite a while.

She survived, but had to have her spleen removed, meaning she couldn’t compete on the gymnastics team for the foreseeable future while she recovered.

When he visited her in the hospital, Adam told Kelly that it was Josh. He confronted Josh, who tearfully explained his reasoning and lashed out violently. His parents knew the truth, but told Adam that if he went to the police, he and his other half-brother Kyran would be thrown out of the house.

Regardless, he went to the police and gave a statement, meaning Josh would likely be held accountable for his crimes.

What happened to Paul?

Eva Morgan as Kelly and Warren Brown as Paul in The Gathering sat at a table with a document in front of them

Eva Morgan as Kelly and Warren Brown as Paul in The Gathering James Stack / Channel 4 / World Productions

While it looked like Josh might get away with attacking Jules, Jules found footage of the attack on Charlie’s phone. Charlie told Jules he kept it a secret because he deserved to be attacked after he insulted Paul and Kelly.

Jules gave these recordings to the police as evidence, meaning Paul would go to prison for the attack. He heartbrokenly admitted to Kelly that he had lied to her and had actually thrown the first punch.

Paul was sent to prison, although Adam Kelly said that time would pass quickly, perhaps indicating that he was not in for a long sentence.

What happened to Kelly, Jessica, Adam, Bazi and Charlie?

Sadie Soverall as Jessica in The Gathering, wearing a gymnastics costume

Sadie Soverall as Jessica in The Gathering James Stack / Channel 4 / World Productions

In the end, Jessica, Adam and Charlie all overthrew their parents’ expectations. Jessica was selected for the gymnastics team, but during a crucial performance she stopped and defiantly stormed off, surprising Natalie, who was sitting in the audience.

Meanwhile, Charlie left the house with a backpack, unsure of where his future lay but knowing it wouldn’t be with his father Jules.

Bazi managed to get his sister back from the criminals who were holding her and the two rode away through the night. Eventually Adam, having been kicked out of his house by Louis and Dawn, moved in with Kelly, Tate and their dog, who had been returned to them after being taken away by the police at the start of the series.

The Gathering starts on May 14th at 9pm on Channel 4 and is available to stream now.

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