Common Council adopts amendments to Mayor Brown’s 2024-2025 budget

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Amendments to the mayor’s proposed 2024-25 budget were adopted Wednesday evening by the Buffalo Common Council.

“We are pleased to have adopted amendments that not only reduce the proposed tax increase but also maintain essential services,” Christopher Scanlon, president of the Buffalo Common Council, said in a statement. “This reflects our commitment to reducing the tax burden on Buffalo residents and our commitment to fiscal responsibility.”

One of those essential services Scanlon mentioned was recycling pickup. Discussions have taken place about the possibility of moving from a weekly schedule to a bi-weekly schedule.

This will not happen and collections will remain as planned.

“Reducing the proposed residential tax increase demonstrates our responsiveness to community needs and our focus on reducing the financial burden on homeowners,” said Common Council Majority Leader Leah M. Halton-Pope. Buffalo, after Wednesday’s sessions.