Scottie Scheffler Arrested at PGA Championship – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Masters champion Scottie Scheffler was arrested by police in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday morning on his way to the PGA Championship. Stunning images showed him handcuffed as he was led to a police car.

Court records show Scheffler was charged with second-degree assault, third-degree criminal trespass, reckless driving and failure to obey signals of an officer directing traffic. He was booked at 7:28 a.m. ET β€” about 2 1/2 hours before he was scheduled to begin his second round.

Scottie Scheffler's mugshot
Scottie Scheffler was taken into custody on Friday outside the 2024 PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. (Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

ESPN reported that Scheffler was released at 8:40 a.m. and arrived in Valhalla shortly after 9:00 a.m

Traffic was backed up in both directions for about a mile on the only road leading to Valhalla Golf Club, and dozens of police vehicles flashed red and blue lights near the entrance. Police said a pedestrian was struck by a shuttle bus while crossing the street on a roadway designated for tournament traffic.

ESPN said Scheffler, the world’s No. 1 player who was scheduled to start the second round at 8:48 a.m., drove past a police officer in his SUV whose door had markings indicating it was was a PGA championship vehicle. The officer yelled at him to stop and then clung to the car until Scheffler stopped about 10 yards later.

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington observed this. He said police pulled Scheffler out of the car, pushed him against the car and immediately handcuffed him.

“Scheffler was then led to the police car, put in the back seat, handcuffed, very stunned at what was happening, looked at me while he was in those handcuffs and said, ‘Please help me,'” Darlington said. β€œHe clearly didn’t know what was happening in the situation. It happened very quickly, very quickly and very aggressively.”

Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell told Louisville Radio that the man crossed Shelbyville Road around 5 a.m. and the bus did not see him. Mitchell said the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The PGA Championship released a statement saying play would be delayed due to the accident. The second round was scheduled to begin an hour and 20 minutes later than the scheduled tee times, which meant Scheffler wasn’t scheduled to start until just after 10 a.m

A short time later, it began to rain on Valhalla, and with recent rain shutting down the course twice earlier in the week, play would likely be suspended for even longer.

As cars queued back in the morning darkness, other vehicles with PGA markings tried to drive slowly towards the entrance. Just before 7 a.m., traffic finally began to gradually move

It was a surreal start to an already wild week of weather – the Masters champion and top-ranked player in the world dressed in training gear, his hands tied behind his back, amid flashes of lightning.

Darlington said police were not sure who Scheffler was. He said an officer asked him to leave and when he came forward to the media he was told, “There’s nothing you can do. He’s going to jail.”

Darlington said another police officer later approached him with a notepad and asked if he knew the name of the person who handcuffed them.

Scheffler has four wins in his last five tournaments, including his second Masters title. For the past three weeks he has been at home in Dallas awaiting the birth of his first child, a son who was born May 8.

Scheffler opened with a 4-under 67 and was five shots off the lead as he tries to become just the fifth player since 1960 to win the first two majors of the year.

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