An air quality warning is in effect for Minnesota on Monday as temperatures cool to average

MINNEAPOLIS – A Air quality warning remains in effect for much of Minnesota on Monday.

Wildfire smoke drifting down from Canada is causing poor air quality in parts of the state. The alert was scheduled to expire at noon but was extended until 11 p.m. in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota.

In the subway, air quality is at the orange level, meaning it is unsafe for people in sensitive groups, such as the elderly, children and people with heart or lung disease. Further south, air quality has reached the red level, meaning it is unhealthy for everyone.

After a warm Mother’s Day, temperatures will be cooler, but still average. The Twin Cities are expected to peak in the lower 70s.


Tuesday will be similar to Monday, aside from air quality concerns – although some haze could still remain. Expect highs in the lower 70s, sunshine and a calm wind.

If you didn’t see the Northern Lights over the weekend, you may have missed your shot. It will be much harder to see on Monday evening.

Wednesday starts dry, rain sets in towards the evening, but nothing serious is expected. The rain should continue into Thursday morning before drying out later in the day.

Temperatures will remain average throughout the week before a possible spike this weekend.