The DA’s office identifies the Seaside police officer who shot a man who was firing projectiles – KION546

SEASIDE, Calif. (KION-TV) – Seaside Police Chief Nick Borges announced on social media that Seaside Police shot a person in the area of ​​Playa Avenue and Fremont Boulevard.

“I know officers have contacted this individual,” Seaside Police Commander Justin Pascone said. “The individual became hostile and began shooting rocks at the officer’s heads with a slingshot and the officers were hit in the head several times before resisting and returning fire.”

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office is now leading the investigation.

Several officers responded, and one officer was hit in the head with a rock.
Only in the last half hour did the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office release the identity of the officer who allegedly fired shots.

Investigators identified him as Braden Palma, who fired four shots at the suspect.

The suspect identified by prosecutors is 47-year-old Jacinto Cortez-Gerado. Investigators said at least two bullets struck Gerado in the right thigh and abdomen.

Investigators said Cortez-Gerado injured Palma and another officer named Alex Jennings.

Borges said a man fired projectiles at two officers before one of the officers shot the suspect. Borges said two officers were transported to a local hospital where they suffered serious head injuries.

Some on the scene say there was no need to shoot Cortez-Gerdardo.

“What our officers consider a deadly weapon is a slingshot. “Is this considered a deadly weapon?” said Michelle Belton of Seaside. “And did the officers attempt to use a different type of force? Did they try to use Tasers before a shooting?”

Others say the actions are justified.

“Often you are in the heat of the moment. You are dealing with an emergency situation. You don’t know if other threats are nearby. You just see what’s in front of you. “And I’ve personally seen the damage a slingshot and a rock can do,” said a Seaside man who was at the scene.

Photo of two Seaside police officers pointing their guns at a suspect who allegedly fired projectiles at them. Photo courtesy of Antonia Danielle Cardenas.

Seaside Police said Fremont and Playa streets are closed as officers continue to investigate the case.

Borges said the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office has been asked to take over this case.