Oyo University security guards arrested for “raping” a female student

Two members of a vigilante group at Ajayi Crowther University in Oyo State have been arrested for allegedly raping a female student at the institution.

The university, in a statement by its public relations officer, Olufemi Atoyebi, said an investigative panel had been set up to investigate the allegation.

Management also said that the suspects had been handed over to the police and assured the public that anyone found guilty would be severely punished.

The institution said it would not tolerate any misconduct that could tarnish its enviable image.

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The statement read in part: “The management of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, has received with shock a report of the alleged rape of one of our female students on Thursday, May 9, 2024, by two members of our vigilante group.”

“Management immediately handed the two alleged perpetrators over to the police, while the university set up its own internal investigation panel to investigate the allegation

“Management would like to reassure all stakeholders that ACU will not tolerate any misconduct that could tarnish its enviable image.

“Educating God-fearing intellectuals is our primary goal at ACU and we will not tolerate any wrongdoing that may divert our attention from our purpose. A severe sentence awaits anyone found guilty following our thorough investigation.”