Toddler seriously injured in lawnmower accident: Report: CT News

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The one-year-old was seriously injured when his ten-year-old sister operated the lawnmower, a police report said.>>>Read more.

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A DNA database will be created so that any feces found on the property can be traced back to the resident’s dog, according to a report.>>>Read more.

At a ceremony in Chicago, a local chef was named the winner of the prestigious award.>>>Read more.

Among the suspects are a city councilman and a chairman of the Democratic Party.>>>Read more.

Police officer Jamal Mitchell was ambushed and killed on May 30 in the town where he served. He will be buried in his hometown in Connecticut.>>>Read more.

The dog suffered from heat stroke and “other medical issues” and was taken to the hospital and placed in intensive care.>>>Read more.

Following the death of a man in custody, police have released a statement and bodycam footage.>>>Read more.

Police said they are searching for a driver accused of ringing two police officers during a traffic stop.>>>More information.

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