A teenager was mysteriously found dead in the final hours of the highway

New details have emerged about the tragic death of an Oklahoma teenager.

hours before Noah Presgrove was found dead on the side of a highway, the 19-year-old had attended a party and was involved in an ATV accident, according to an autopsy by People May 13th.

On the night of his death on September 3, the document alleged that Noah was “at a house party drinking” before driving off to ride an “ATV Ranger vehicle” with several men, resulting in one There was a rollover.”

And Noah’s night didn’t end after the SUV accident. In fact, the former high school athlete then returned to the party, where he allegedly “got into an argument” with another attendee, according to the autopsy. He eventually hit the road again and was found dead on the Jefferson County Highway at about 5:53 a.m. the next morning, Labor Day, by a passing truck driver. When he was discovered, he was naked and wearing only mismatched shoes that had “grass” visible on each one and “dirt” clumped in the laces.