HAAS Alert and Monotch Announce Digital Infrastructure Partnership

Dutch roads are becoming safer and more connected thanks to a new partnership between smart infrastructure specialist Monotch and collision mitigation service HAAS Alert, which sends safety messages to the car to warn drivers of danger.

Messages are sent from Monotch’s TLEX-based national Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) system to vehicles on HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud digital alerting platform.

HAAS Alert, a Chicago-based automotive technology developer, announced the official launch of its Safety Cloud platform in Europe in November last year. Safety Cloud is the largest commercially deployed digital warning and vehicle connectivity service in North America, connecting millions of vehicles on the road to emergency vehicles, work zones and other emergency and warning facilities.

Safety Cloud enables automakers to connect consumer vehicles directly to these assets, allowing them to receive Emergency Vehicle Alert (EVA) notifications in the vehicle and display them via in-vehicle displays. The service is already fully deployed by Stellantis in North America, delivering digital alerts to millions of vehicles on the road, including Jeep, Dodge, RAM and Chrysler vehicles from 2018 onwards.

Through the newly announced partnership between HAAS Alert and Monotch, the information in Monotch’s UDAP system will now be shared with Safety Cloud and the service will be enhanced with real-time data from the Dutch digital mobility platform, which acts as a national ecosystem of digital infrastructure, agencies, and road users Billions of status and security messages are exchanged every day.

While EVA alerts have been available in the Netherlands since July 2022, this new integration allows vehicle owners to receive these alerts directly on their dashboard or center console display without the need for a third-party application.

The integration of Safety Cloud into the TLEX-based production systems also enables integration into neighboring jurisdictions. For customers who wish, HAAS Alert can benefit from real-time information in other Northern European countries. This integration also takes cross-regional differences into account while minimizing integration time and effort.

“HAAS Alert’s vision is a connected, collision-free world, and this partnership between HAAS Alert and Monotch brings us one step closer to realizing that vision,” said Jeremy Agulnek, Senior Vice President of HAAS Alert.

Menno Malta, CEO and Founder of Monotch, added: “Expanding the smart mobility ecosystem in Europe leverages interoperability and benefits ecosystem members. By connecting the Safety Cloud to the ecosystem, we are increasing the value that HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud platform brings to European transportation.”

In the Netherlands there is already a large group of users and suppliers of mobility data from the central platform UDAP used in the Netherlands. Governments, road authorities, road equipment suppliers, service providers, automobile manufacturers and more are connected to this system either directly or through third parties to share data. This data can be exchanged in real time and bidirectionally via UDAP, based on Monotch’s TLEX platform.

More than 25% of Dutch road users now have real-time information while on the road.