Jeremy Renner shares his health update after snow plow accident 2023 – Hollywood Life

The Mayor of Kingstown star revealed that he is feeling “pretty strong” despite having had a “little bit of a rocky start to the year.”

Jeremy Renner gave his fans an update on his health in an interview on Wednesday, May 22, more than a year after his snowmobile accident. “I’m doing pretty well. I feel pretty strong. The start of the season this year was a little tricky in terms of strength, but by the end you’re usually pretty exhausted in terms of energy, but I feel pretty strong,” the 53-year-old actor said on Good morning America.

Following the January 2023 incident in Nevada, the Hawkeye The actor was committed to making a full recovery. After helping a family member clear snow, he was run over by the 6.3-ton snowmobile, causing Jeremy to break more than 30 bones and suffer chest trauma. He returned about a year later to play the role of Mike. McLusky In Mayor of Kingstownalthough it wasn’t easy.

“I had to cross the threshold and ask myself, ‘Do I want to tell fictional stories?'” Jeremy explained in his last interview. “I’m worried about real life, about putting one foot in front of the other, about walking, right? Once I crossed that threshold… the production was really great. I had to lean on the cast and crew physically and emotionally to get through the days. They compensated with scheduling and stuff, so I could become stronger.”

Jeremy Renner
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Although he made this remark, GMA host George Stephanopouloshe admitted, Los Angeles Times In a recent interview, he said he was “treated like a child actor” when he returned to set Mayor of Kingstown.

Hugh Dillon, co-creator of the show, asked Jeremy’s mother for permission to let him return to filming. “To try to create something true and make the audience believe it, while I’m just trying to learn to walk again, put one foot in front of the other and not get up in pain,” he said Hurt Locker actors for release. “I’m doing all these things to re-establish myself on the planet. The idea of ​​immersing myself in a fictional world – I have to be honest, I really had to think about it: is this something I really want to do?”

The Marvel superhero has confirmed that he is in the process of writing a book in which he will talk about the accident. “There’s something very healing (and) cathartic for me to process things that I learned during the near-death experience, life and death and all the recovery and things that I learned during that process,” he said of his upcoming memoir.

Since the traumatic accident, Jeremy’s outlook on life has changed. “I live. I go through life with a smile,” he told the outlet. “And nothing will ever change that. Nothing. I can’t possibly have a bad day.”

– by Jessica Acosta