Fontana police release bodycam footage of traffic stop that resulted in shooting – NBC Los Angeles

Fontana police released new body camera footage of a routine traffic stop that resulted in shootings after a gunman put an officer in a headlock.

The Feb. 9 encounter began with an officer informing the driver of the missing front license plate and dark window tint. Chief Michael Dorsey of the Fontana Police Department described it as a “very relaxed conversation” between the officer and the driver.

The situation quickly escalated when knives were discovered inside the vehicle. The officer asked the driver, identified as Alan Metka of Fontana, to get out of the car. When the chief officer conducted a routine check, it was discovered that Metka had a previous conviction for weapons possession and had recently been released from the county jail after explosive devices were found in his car.

During a search, the second officer, who was significantly smaller in stature compared to Metka, discovered a weapon in his pocket.

In a frightening moment captured on bodycam footage, Metka put the officer in a headlock, prompting her partner to intervene. Facing the threat of a firearm, Metka was subdued with deadly force, resulting in him being shot while the officer was able to escape with minor injuries.

Chief Dorsey praised the courage and quick thinking of the officers involved, particularly highlighting the resilience of the officer who faced Metka head-on.

“And knowing that he has a weapon is based on her testimony that he used deadly force on him to stop that threat as quickly as possible,” Dorsey said. “She is a tenacious police officer. She has drive and is courteous, the heart of a lion.”

Metka survived the gunshot wounds and remains in prison awaiting trial. He faces multiple charges, including assaulting an officer and possession of explosives, as authorities discovered more explosive devices in his car.

Both officers involved in the traffic stop are now back on duty.