Police officer shoots and kills pit bull to repel dog attack at 16th and Clearfield Streets in North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A Philadelphia police officer shot and killed a pit bull during a dog attack in North Philadelphia.

It is at least the third incident this month in which a Philadelphia police officer shoots a dog.

In that incident, a call for a dog attack came in Wednesday afternoon at 16th and Clearfield streets, officials said.

The officer reportedly fired his weapon multiple times to stop the pit bull from attacking another dog.

The pit bull was injured in the shooting and died.

The smaller dog also died from its injuries in the attack.

One of the dog owners was slightly injured when a bullet hit him in the arm.

This comes just a day after an off-duty officer opened fire to prevent a dog attack on a woman in Southwest Philadelphia.

An officer also fatally shot a Cane Corso dog after three pit bulls attacked a man in the city’s Mantua neighborhood earlier this month.

The officers in all three incidents were placed on administrative duties.

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