Girl raped by Rapido driver in Secunderabad

The increasing number of atrocities against women is a worrying issue in our country. Ensuring women’s safety is an urgent concern that must be addressed by the government.

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In a recent tragic incident, a girl was raped by a Rapido driver in Secunderabad. To elaborate, the victim was reportedly using her phone excessively.

After her parents scolded her for it, she left the house sulking. As she walked down the street, a Rapido driver noticed she was alone.

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Soon he approached her and started talking to her. He convinced her and took her to a hut in Kacheguda. There he raped her and escaped from the hut.

The victim later filed a complaint against the Rapido driver at the police station. The police have registered the case and investigations are currently underway.

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At the same time, such incidents raise questions about the safety of young girls in our society and make parents even more concerned about sending their children out into the world alone.