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MIAMI (WSVN) – A beloved pet is on a long road to recovery after a brutal animal attack occurred outside his home.

The dog was left covered in blood and traumatized.

Now the owner wants to know why a fence that was supposed to keep out wild animals has holes in it.

The attack on the Pomeranian named “Lil Man” happened around 6 a.m. Saturday morning

Leslie Gooden and her dog were taking a morning walk when the dog suddenly noticed something.

“He saw something that I didn’t see, and when he saw it, he went toward it,” Gooden said.

Gooden believes Lil Man saw a pack of wild coyotes.

When Gooden realized what her dog had seen, the pet attacked.

“When I looked, they were like flies on him, so I went back, got my car, ran in and grabbed him. There were too many to fight,” Gooden said.

The wild animals live on state property across from Gooden’s home. Even though there is a fence keeping them out of the neighborhood, she says they crawled through a hole in the fence and attacked her dog.

She took her almost lifeless pet to an animal emergency center and was faced with a decision every pet owner dreads.

“They gave me an ultimatum to…,” Gooden said.

“Put him down,” the reporter demanded.

“Yeah, or to save him,” Gooden said. “I stayed there for about an hour before they came into my room and told me, ‘Okay, we got him stabilized.’ He said, “Ms. Gooden, I’ll do everything I can for him.'”

Now Gooden fears this could happen to her neighbors with pets or even a child.

“I want someone to set traps down there and get these wild dogs, whatever they call them, out of here before they take a child. If not, this is the result of it. If they don’t listen, this is the result. I don’t want this to happen again,” Gooden said.

The dog is receiving rabies medication and is recovering at home.

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