Bringing Beer and Delivery Services to Buffalo’s Braymiller

Buffalo, New York (WBEN) – Some pleasant changes are coming soon to downtown Buffalo’s Braymiller Market: beer and delivery services.

Since the Ellicott Street grocery store opened in September 2021, market owner Stuart Green says he’s been a little reluctant to sell beer because of the environment. However, after a number of requests from local residents and out-of-town customers, Green decided to give it a try.

“In terms of products, we will definitely have national brands and local brands. But we will have to figure out what our customers want, and that’s what we will offer. We will evolve.”

Green confirms that the beer in various case sizes should be available by the end of May.

The grocery store is also partnering with local company Appétit to implement its delivery service to Buffalo residents. However, Green notes that there are still some kinks to iron out before this project is fully implemented.

“As soon as we are able to make this work smoothly, then we will be ready to move to local delivery.”

Green hopes implementing these changes will provide a much-needed boost to businesses.

“It’s been difficult,” says Stuart. “We started before COVID, and once we started, there was no going back. We lost a lot of downtown commuters (who still aren’t) to this day back in the work in their offices as they were part- At the time, some of them are still not at all (here).

Recently, things have improved for the market, which has seen an increase in activity since some funding and recent promotion from the city. The City of Buffalo not only provided funds to the business via a $561,000 forgivable loan, but also did much to promote it.

Green notes that they have partnered with the Police Athletic League of Buffalo, where customers can consolidate purchases to support sending youth to summer camp.

“Everyone wins. Opportunities like this are huge for us,” Green said.

Green also notes that the wholesale side of his business has also recovered nicely.

“One of our biggest growth areas recently has been wholesale, so we have a lot of customers coming to our restaurants. We continue to get new ones every week because of our quality and service on that side You know, a lot Often people think Brian Miller is just a retail outlet But if you’re dining out in the city of Buffalo, chances are. you can also discover our food there.

Green also says the ice cream stand will be operational again this summer. Listen to our long conversation in the player above.